What apps do you use to track your progress?

So, following my New Year posting here, this is the list of iOS apps that I find very useful to review my whole year of 2015.

  1. Wally. For my money management. I think it’s more to control my expenses. Karena kalo kan income kan ya begitu-gitu aja ya dan cuma input once a month since I got fixed income. I think this one is just what I need (so far). Just always click the same button to input expenses (this is important since I want to track every rupiah I spent) and it can generate you a graph, or table in details if you want.
  2. My Data Manager. To understand how much internet data I need for my mobile phone. What I like from this app is it can show you in a nicely readable graph how many GB data I used in a month. Did I mention that I like graph?
  3. Trello. To know how many goals I achieved for the whole year. I use this not only for my work, but also personal life. It’s good only for simple Things to Do list or projects with phases. Will be perfect if Trello has a graph though.
  4. Nike+ Running. To watch my running activity progress. Which I don’t have any impressive progress so far. Well, small progress is still progress, right? #menghiburdiri
  5. Fitbit. This one is a lovely birthday present from Simas that I love so much (I use the love part for both, Fitbit and Simas #dijelasin). The Fitbit I have is a Fitbit Charge. You can see other types of Fitbits here. The menu I use the most are the Steps, Kilometers and Sleep. I have a daily goal 10,000 steps for right now. And I need the sleep part to fix my lack of sleeping habits. From this app I can see that I sleep 8 hours at least once a week. And I had almost 17,000 steps in a day when I was in Bangkok as the highest steps I reached so far. Yes, I can see that from the graph.
  6. Everyday. This app is almost useless if I don’t care about my hair style, or how my body weight affects my face shape, or how I want to prove myself that I don’t spent my money on SK-II complete packages for nothing. Yes, I manage to see those changes or progress in one photo take everyday (ideally it’s everyday but I don’t really do it everyday even this app has a reminder to do so). And more than that, Everyday app now let you have more than one timeline! So, not only to see my boring face, but I will have another timeline to see my progress on my crafty things. Yass!

So, those are the apps that help me reviewing any progress I made last year. I still have more favourite iOS apps installed for my daily activity. That maybe I will review on another post.

So, what apps do you use to track your progress?

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