pregnant woman is sexy

watching milly’s daily activity as a pregnant woman, wondering how’s my life gonna be when i have a baby on my stomach someday 🙂 milly is an architect at my office, she’s supper busy pregnant woman as we have a lot of new projects this year. she’s so active going here and there bring her baby everywhere – and i don’t think milly will put her upcoming baby at the office while she needs to go out. anyway, what a busy pregnant woman!

and that’s what is on my mind about what type of pregnant woman i am gonna be. going here and there checking wifi signal on the hotel corridor hihihi. looks cool, ryt? that’s if i still work in hospitality industry. if not, i will prefer working as a web developer freelancer. doing all the scripting in a very relax atmosphere at home, or wearing cool outfit to make my stomach looks sexy if i prefer working at cafe. meanwhile i am waiting for my husband to come home.. hihihi sounds great 😀 woohoo can’t wait to be a pregnant woman ;)) and this is the photo session of me and milly before she takes her maternity leave for 3 months. gonna miss her so muuuch :-* notes: milly is the one with a black outfit.







i can’t wait the baby say hi to the world. i hope the baby is gonna b a great person like his mom and dad. my advance congrats for milly and shafiq 🙂

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