one fine day.

– After the Honeymoon book: done. nice book. she tried to make a story a bit complicated but i still can follow it well. the way she shows the emotion flow is not really in details (for me, i don’t know for other) as i am the one who really like to jump into details. so, i didn’t do go-back-to-the-previous-page-to-enjoy-the-feeling.

– PMS syndrome:?? painful stomach, headache, want to kill something (coz if i want to kills omeone i will go to the jail), really want to kick someone.

– koko: fine. just fine.

– work load: kill myself to be in a swimming pool of tasks.

– camera: batery is empty.

– fitness first: skip. and most of all, i really want to go home r8 now becoming a sleeping beauty.. zzzzzz…

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