i believe..

really believe, that someday there will be a man..
.. who will call me beautiful. even i am not.
or even i am, but it is not because i am physically pretty, nor sexy.
but, because he loves me.
and who will call me even sexy wonder woman when i am in sweat and in messy look after office hour.
and who will thanking God he has me in his side.
and who will hold my hand in front of his friends telling them “here she is”.
and who will kiss my forehead and hug me when i am not in a good shape.
and who will not give cynical eyes when i say i want to eat ice cream and potato chips or another junk food just because i want to enjoy my life.
and who will let me be my own self, not what he wants me to be.
and who will never called me a competitor, but a complemented-partner.
who? he is my future life.
when? someday.
and what i am doing right now? i am dreaming.
ps: u need to have a dream to reach it.

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