Onavo – Network Settings Reset

(To the point ajalah udah)

So, I installed this Onavo on my iPhone in order to get my data usage reports.

I know the way it works is it compresses the data before sent to our device (they doing server-side stuffs). One thing I missed: (THIS PART IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING AND THIS IS WHY I DO THIS POSTING) it redirects our web connection through their proxy.

Blah! This is why, sodara-sodara, everytime I do anything related to HTTP on my iPhone, it was being like “Hi, baby, there is a problem communicating with web proxy server, so now you can do this: 1.. 2.. 3.. (cry)”

And it happened during my busy-like-hell bussiness trip to Bali last week when I really really really need to have access to anything from my iPhone.

Then I finally did this:
Settings –>; General –>; Reset –>; Network Settings Reset

And voila! Now I can have my normal baby phone back.

Anyway, this Onavo actually is a great app to ‘monitoring’ your data report. A lot of great reviews, not here off course, that you’re better read before you install it on your device. Just google it!

(Postingan ini tentu saja bukan review app dan hanya merupakan pelampiasan dari emosi bertubi-tubi dan meletup-letup)

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