bread & notbreakfast

Last night i went to eX Plaza Indonesia to buy a new watch for me. fyi, remembering last time i wore a watch on my left hand was like almost 10 years ago. then i just realize when i have my new iPhone which is phisycally wide, which is so hard for me to put it on my jeans pocket and happens the same way when i want to take it out from my pocket to check what time is it now. ya, i think since i never wore a watch anymore, i use my handphone to check the morning and night. then i think i need a real watch now. so, i think fossil is gonna be awesome. not too much teenage influence like swatch, but not too old (and hell expensive: 14.000.000 rupiah for a watch! it’s a big NO WAY my mom’s gonna kill me) like GC. so, again, i went to eX to buy a new watch. woohoo. but, yesterday is just like a lil survey, bcoz i will buy this fossil right on the same day i was born 27 years ago, which is two days ago. woohoo! anyway, this is not the story actually. what i am trying to tell u is: i bought a bread! no, not brad. not brad pitt. yes, a bread. a cute lil bread.

lil bread happy face.

with smooth and perfect shape. so pluffy.

the aroma is sooo deliciously yummeeeh!! *nyem nyem nyem.

but i cannot eat it bcoz it’s plain. no it’s a bird. no, it’s a keychain. yes, it’s a keychain. ngek ngoooook.

nyahahahah. for me it is so funny hihihihi. yes, i bought this useless thing, as i usually do, in one of the miniature counter at eX last nihgt. hahahaha. u have to see it, touch it and smell it. gosh! i like it! i will try to make a fun of it today with my office mate. wish me luck! woohoo. ahahahaha.

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