Like a Stars – Corrine Bailey

On the way home with bluebird. With Corrine Bailey singing Like a Stars on my ears. It’s like my first time being alone since thousand years ago. Yep, i usually go everywhere with my boyfriend. He always picks me up everynight. We’ve been doing this go-everywhere-together since 6 years ago. But, tonight my boyfriend is with his friend in somewhere in the middle of jakarta. I just let him spend his nights with friends like he supposed to. And i am enjoying my own silence. U know.. Sometimes we need it. To take some times with your own self. Thinking what u didn’t think before. Think about the future.. Me, i never give so much time on thinking about the future and planning. Until this serious matter comes up. Until i need to take the decision that.. i am not gonna marry him..

*singing : Like a Stars – Corrine Bailey

I think God will put everyone’s feet on the right place. (rindut)

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