copycat stole my copyright.

Yesterday, i suddenly got a phone call from somebody from Bubu Awards website competition. He told me that i am one of the finalist of this website competition from Corporate – Culture & Tourism category. Woohoo!! Happy hehe. Well, actually i registered this competition for my company website,  Harris Hotels website.

wearing sandals at the office? plus accessories? why not?

my friend, miden, really wants to use my accessories. in a wrong way.

today’s outfit: wearing accessories in a right way.


ma best mongki.

And today i just went to Rumah Sakit Medistra to do a rontgen for my broken angkle. And becoz the rontgen result is gonna be proceed tomorrow, so me and ajeng just did some chit chat at Oh la la cafe Medistra. As usual, it’s always a great quality time to share some thoughts with this monkey. Even in the middle of bla bli blu, we found out that the chicken wings we ATE is like umm.. kinda stale or something. so we complained and we got the fresh one hoho. but, still we disappointed with that, u know 🙁 the pain still there. lebaaayyy :)) And now i am confused what to wear for tomorrow Awarding Night in JCC. hopefully tomorrow morning ajeng will bring me some clothes that i can choose for Awarding Night outfit, that match with my left foot accessories.

~ Anyway, the title on this post is actually has a story behind, but I will keep it for me. *jadi apa gunanya ditulis, Nyong?*

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