my iphone: don’t look back.

Alhamdulillah.. my dream come true. before, my dream was to have an iphone 2G, an 8giga one. but today i just got 3G iphone 16GB. woohooo! Thank God, U are so nice to me 🙂 and becoz i bought this iphone as a second hand. so, i already got some application there, and i just need to use them. and somehow test them, are they work fine or not. and so far they are working fine except the one i like, quadcamera 🙁 but ok fine, as this is not gonna make me die, so i will fix it latter. but, before fix and learn session, i would like to have, off course, an internet on my very beautiful handsome iphone. becoz actually i already have some internet applications on my iphone like: facebook, yahoo messenger, etc. but when i tried to use them, it’s stuck. remembering that i need to register my SIM card to the provider first becoz the SIM card just detect a new card in a new device. so, i do some settings to fulfill my needs of dancing in the internet with my iphone. i am using IM3 from indosat anyway.

1. setting 3G Indosat

  • send SMS: reg 3G
  • to 777

2. setting GPRS Indosat

  • Access Point Name (APN) : indosatgprs
  • Username : (leave it blank)
  • Password : (leave it blank)
  • WAP Gateway :
  • Port : 9201 (standard), 8080 (proxy)

3. setting MMS Indosat

  • Access Point Name (APN) :
  • Username : mms
  • Password : im3
  • WAP Gateway :
  • Port : 9201 (standard), 8080 (proxy)

so far i don’t know about the tariff of those internet services from iphone and im3. i also could say, i don’t care (at the mean time). becoz when it already connected to the internet, i feel very happy and trying to access facebook, YM, etc. without rechecking my im3 gasoline. did i mentioned that i am in my euphoria? woohoo!

what d’u think if i give him this name: subroto.

my very first wallpaper.

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